You didn’t go into your career for the overwhelm. 

You went in to make a difference.

And with Emotional Intelligence, you can.

Dr. Jenny Severson has supported leaders in building the EQ advantage at:

Lieder Elementary

Bane Elementary

Woodard Elementary

Your IQ is sky-high. But your EQ?

That’s the missing link.


And it’s not your fault. 


Whether you’re a leader in the educational world or the corporate one you were likely taught to excel at “hard” skills. Math. Science. Reading. 

But as valuable as these skills are–and as far into your career as they’ve undoubtedly taken you–it’s likely you weren’t taught that they’re incomplete without the complementary soft skills of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

Because here’s the thing–your IQ can be off the charts, but without a rock-solid awareness of your inner world and how it translates into creating your outward reality, your achievement plateaus. You can only get so far before becoming swept up in the demands of your job–which always feel like they’re shifting beneath your feet…

You can’t catch up to them by working twice as hard. You’ll just burn out.

(Trust me, because that’s what happened to me.) 

Instead, by implementing the core competencies of EQ and SEL, you can work more efficiently with your team so that you can collectively achieve up to three years of progress in one. 

You can make the lasting difference you went into your career to make.

Not by being a martyr to your work–but by first pouring your energy into yourself, so that you can assert control over your outward reality from a steadfast inner world. 

Emotional Intelligence: Yes, it’s a soft skill. And it works.

"Watching Jenny transform the group in about 15 seconds was like witnessing magic"

Jenny’s blend of confidence, real inner strength and passion just instantly breaks down barriers and wins over even skeptical audiences. She translates her considerable knowhow and experience with such kindness and inclusion that disarms her listeners, and leaves them feeling willing and empowered.

Adam Gordon
President, Andiamo Games

"Jenny was key to our school's success"

I attended a workshop led by Jenny back in 2008 and it changed me as an educator. I brought her to a new high school when I was the principal and to this day, teachers still comment on how it changed them… Jenny was key to our school’s success.


Keith Bland, Ed.D
Principal, Dothan High School

Build a legacy you can be proud of.

Let’s work together



You’re tired of drive-by workshops and so am I. That’s why my brand of learning, growth, and results offers simple yet effective, evidenced-based techniques you can apply right away. What if  everyone was working more efficiently as a team to make more progress? That’s my aim, and every minute of my presentation is on purpose and relevant to your exact needs.

Bring me in for an hour, a half-day, or a full-day event. Better yet, let’s plan for the year and really create huge gains in EQ, teacher efficacy, and student achievement.

Leadership Coaching

Whether you’re an educational team or a corporate one, I’ll guide you through leveraging your team’s strengths so that you can collectively achieve a higher impact in less time. You and your leadership team will have my guidance on implementing EQ and SEL in a way that’s tailored specifically to your goals. Yes, you can achieve significant growth in the 3, 6, and 9 month packages I offer.  Imagine that catalyst, that boost, in one school year–who doesn’t want that? In every interaction, I’ll be there to champion you.


I poured the details about my journey into the Educator’s 180-Day Gratitude Turnaround, a self-reflection journal, and Thrive, a collection of stories about falling down and getting back up. Use these books to gain perspective and maybe even laugh or cry as you explore your own story and narrative. The books are guides for finding more joy on your journey. 

About Dr. Jenny Severson - Transformation in Action

Hi, I'm Dr. Jenny Severson, and I was once in your shoes.

Tell me if you can relate to this…

  • By the time I was 26, I had all the outer markers of success:
  • A stellar education fueled by my passion for teaching and neuroscience, which culminated with my doctorate of education from Loyola University Chicago
  • Local and state awards from my time as a teacher
  • The honor of being principal of a K-5 elementary  school
  • A condo in the city, the new car, and lots of “stuff”

But inside? It was a rough time.

I was constantly overworking. And because I never learned how to not overwork, I carried that trait over into my roles as a speaker and consultant (I helped schools around the world implement SEL for stellar results–think higher attendance rates and lower disciplinary rates). Fast forward a decade plus some, and all this led to burnout in the form of breast cancer in 2017.

If you’re thinking those were stormy waters, you’d be right. Establishing my gratitude practice, setting new boundaries and goals is what led me out of them, and I now help leaders in education and corporate (like you!) implement EQ and SEL with a focus on gratitude–so that you can make the difference you want without the burnout. Stop overdoing it right now, get laser focused in your zone of genius with my coaching, and you will soar to new heights.

Read more about my story here.

Did you know that a gratitude practice can increase your productivity, performance, and happiness?

That’s because gratitude is one of the most powerful antidotes to burnout. 

Get my guide “Going Deeper with Gratitude” for ten easy ways to weave moments of gratitude into your day-to-day.

As someone who experienced burnout full-on, this was something I wish someone had given me earlier so I’m now gifting it to you.