Encourage growth and equip for extraordinary results.

Learners Mindset

Here’s to serenity and longevity.

A life of sane and happy usefulness.

Fellow leader, educator, human:

Do you need this reminder?!

Stop overdoing it right now, stop the relentless putting out fires and fire drill day to day exhaustion.

Take the time with margin to reflection and rejuvenate your primary purpose.

Work and life are not about haphazard hurry and indecision. It’s not putting out more fires. Or creating more demands. Let’s put system thinking to work.

Let me support you to get laser focused in your zone of genius with my workshops and coaching, and rekindle your passion for what brought you to education in the first place.

  • Enter The C.L.I.M.B. Experience: A framework for winning at school and at home.
  • COURAGE taking imperfect action.
  • LEARNERS MINDSET who is your thought leader? And where do you download the thoughts that keep you growing?
  • INTEGRITY honesty produces hope!
  • MASTERY create agency around your natural strengths.
  • BELONGING catapult forward in powerful communities in your life!


Dr. Jenny Severson creates powerful learning environments for your team to soar. When you get better, everyone around you gets better. Dr. Jenny brings the intentional energy, saves you time, helps you retain top talent and multiplies your resources.


  • To invest in educational leaders through authenticity, love and community; to instruct, educate, and ignite.
  • To encourage growth and equip for extraordinary results.
Dr. Jenny Severson