Choose a speaker who leaves lasting impact for the year through workshops powered by Emotional Intelligence.

Dr. Jenny Severson has left a delightfully high impact in as little as one workshop at:

Lieder Elementary

Bane Elementary

Woodard Elementary

When you’re choosing speakers to kick off a school year, it’s crucial to keep in mind one thing:

Your speaker is only as good as the impact that she can leave behind. 

Because inspiration alone doesn’t deliver the results you want to achieve at your school.  

Working with me is heavy on impact, light on fluff.

I’m Dr. Jenny Severson, and I deliver professional development powered by EQ to equip you with:


  • the latest evidence-based exercises you can immediately implement to reduce stress and increase optimism in and out of the workplace
  • clarity and confidence in your strengths as an educator
  • a work environment where everyone is aligned so that you can create a greater impact together while taking care of your wellbeing 
  • an expert (me!) who fiercely believes in you and who’ll champion you as you build your legacy

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Emotional Intelligence: Like a magnifying glass for your impact


In your EQ-powered workshop, you’ll receive: 

Practical, implementable exercises

The fastest path to results is through implementation

You’re busy, and so are your students. I understand that, and that’s why my Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and EQ-based exercises are quick and doable. You can do them by yourself or with your students in the classroom to set everyone up with a successful mindset. 

Evidence-based neuroscience

Researched, tested, and proven information you can trust

You’ll get the latest evidence-based research on SEL and EQ, backed by my decades of experience studying neuroscience. All the info and tools I’ll share are proven to work on the brain so you can trust that what I teach is effective as well as up-to-date.

Connections with your community

Achieve more as a team, in less time

You won’t just be on your bum the whole time during my workshop. You’ll be moving around the room, meeting your colleagues, and forming bonds so you can uplift each other throughout the year. Together, you’ll hit the ground running on your goals for the year–all before the first day of school. 

Ways to make a lasting difference

Become the leaders that people remember

Like many in education, you have the high school teacher you remember for shaping your narrative in a positive way. (You’re still in touch with them, am I right?) With my tools, I can help you become that person so that you leave your imprint on the lives you shape forever. 

“My Superintendent realized how impactful she was”

“Dr. Jenny Severson has worked with me for 17 years delivering the highest quality PD of anyone I’ve seen in the profession. Most recently, she captured the attention of 2400 teachers at our opening training for all staff.. In today’s Professional Learning space when you need to count on someone, think of  Jenny, she came through for us and delivered an outstanding experience. My Superintendent realized how impactful the full day season was stating, “Wow, she’s really got everyone with her and the time is flying by.”

Benjamin Bruce, STEM Coordinator, Sumner County Schools, Nashville, TN

“Jenny is a trusted expert and  true professional. She walks her talk and is transparent in a way that empowers others. She  gives others space to be vulnerable and yet share in a way that propels them forward. Today more than ever, this EQ training is what we need most. The energy she has in her presentations is contagious and lively. Jenny is bright, funny and relevant, every time!”

Katie Todd Noble, Behavior Interventionist, Hairgrove Elementary School, Cypress, TX

“I don’t know if I learned more about my own relationship with my children, husband or the students I will see tomorrow. Everything she said was so relevant to my life. I am leaving today filled with energy, confidence and a practical action plan.”


Tracy Orsak, Instructional Coach, CyLakes High School

“Dr. Jenny Severson’s presentation was a breath of fresh air. She exudes an authenticity, passion and skill I rarely see and experience in professional speakers. From the moment I met her, I knew she was the real deal and would be a key to our successful conference.”


Linda Lucey, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Director, ICLE conference 

Will you let another year start with a workshop that doesn’t leave an impact?

Here’s why my workshops leave lasting results:

You’ll leave uplifted and energized because I’ll give you tools you can use right away. The ideas I present can easily be woven into your day-to-day reality. 

You’ll learn how to keep students engaged because I’ll share exactly what to say and the order to say it in, with sample scripts. Throw out the guesswork on this and follow my proven methods for a better time in the classroom for everyone. 

You’ll form bonds with your colleagues to create a supportive work environment, one where you play to each person’s strengths and tag team to cover weaknesses. 

You’ll have me in your corner–I will ferociously believe in you and your ability to make the difference you went into your career for. My unshakeable faith in you is what keeps people coming back to my workshops year after year. I’ll be your biggest champion.

Yes, I do workshops in-person and over Zoom.

And other answers:

Can we partner with another school to bring you in?

Yes, absolutely. 🙂

Please contact me to talk about how we can do this. 

How long are your workshops?

I’m extremely flexible and can adapt what I teach to suit your schedule. This means that I can do a full day event or a half day, 3 hours, 1.5 hours, 1 hour or even just 15 minutes. I can work within your parameters and make a positive impact.

When we talk about working together, we’ll discuss what’s best for you.

What times of day are you available?

I’m happy to work with your schedule. I can do speeches, staff PD, team meetings, before school, after school, during the lunch hour, or during your regular meeting time. 

What happens after your keynote or workshop? Is there any follow-up?

Yes, absolutely. 🙂

If you’d like to continue having me support your leadership team, I offer leadership coaching services to support you in continuing to implement what I introduce at your school for more results. 

I have also authored two books, the Educator’s 180-Day Gratitude Turnaround and Thrive, which include exercises you can do on your own to continue implementing what I cover in my live workshops. 

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“I have seen you present many times and today was one of my favs!. It wasn’t about the doom and gloom in the world. It didn’t focus on the negative in teaching right now but on how to be grateful in these times. Thanks! It was great and I appreciate you helping me be reflective and vulnerable. Can’t wait to see you present again.” 

Julie Minchew

Postma Elementary
Cypress Fairbanks ISD