“My Superintendent realized how impactful she was”

Praise for Speaking

“I have seen you present many times and today was one of my favs! It wasn’t about the doom and gloom in the world. It didn’t focus on the negative in teaching right now but on how to be grateful in these times. Thanks! It was great and I appreciate you helping me be reflective and vulnerable. Can’t wait to see you present again.” 

Julie Minchew, Postma Elementary
(Cypress Fairbanks ISD)

“Dr. Jenny Severson’s presentation was a breath of fresh air. She exudes an authenticity, passion and skill I rarely see and experience in professional speakers. From the moment I met her, I knew she was the real deal and would be a key to our successful conference.” 

Linda Lucey, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Director, ICLE conference

“I don’t know if I learned more about my own relationship with my children, husband or the students I will see tomorrow… I am leaving today filled with energy, confidence and a practical action plan.” 

Tracy Orsak, Instructional Coach, CyLakes High School

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“Watching Jenny transform the group in about 15 seconds was like witnessing magic”

Praise for Leadership Coaching

“Watching Jenny transform the group in about 15 seconds was like witnessing magic… Jenny’s blend of confidence, real inner strength and passion just instantly breaks down barriers and wins over even skeptical audiences. She translates her considerable knowhow and experience with such kindness and inclusion that disarms her listeners, and leaves them feeling willing and empowered.”

Adam Gordon
President, Andiamo Games

“I attended a workshop led by Jenny back in 2008 and it changed me as an educator. I brought her to a new high school when I was the principal and it truly changed our instruction so that our students could flourish. To this day, teachers still comment on how it changed them as teachers to become learning experts instead of content experts. Jenny was key to our school’s success.”

Keith Bland, Ed.D
Principal at Dothan High School

“Jenny has a wealth of knowledge to support teachers and their instruction in the classroom. She recently worked with our high school staff on building relationships with students and helping the staff see beyond their curriculum that students want to be engaged with their learning and best practice strategies to implement immediately. Key to her success was her ability to build trust and relationships with our staff!”

Mark Femrite
Asst. Supt. of Teaching and Learning at Westonka Public Schools

“Jenny came to my former district for training and our district was better after our time together. Her training carried me into my current position and I know that she will impress my staff and board members with her wealth of experience.

What makes her even more amazing is her ability to connect with her clients and build strong relationships through direct contact and accessibility. I recommend Jenny with absolutely no reservations.”

Ahmed White
Executive Director / Administrator @ Project Reflect / Smithson Craighead Academy

“Jenny is such a savvy, wise, and innovative presenter and trainer. She is a gifted speaker who Connects with her audience in an amazing way! She speaks to the heart and inspires adults and students to want to be productive, to desire to make a difference, and she achieves amazing results! She is one of the best speakers in the field!”

Donna Clark Love
Speaker, Trainer & Consultant at Donna Clark Love & Associates

“When I became a site facilitator three years ago for my district (Cy-Fair ISD), Jenny led my cadre’s training group. Jenny set me up for success by modeling proper methods and strategies that would be most effective for reaching and getting the most out of training for teachers. Under her guidance, I grew into my own confidence as a presenter. Jenny’s expert knowledge of the delivery of instructional practices for adult learners, was insightful for my own learning as a facilitator. But perhaps even more importantly, her contagious enthusiasm for the impact this knowledge has on the ability to change the lives of teachers and students is what is most influential. She inspires me to reflect on the thankfulness I have for yesterday, the gratitude I have for today and the hope I have for the future.”

Tracy Orsak
Instructional Coach, CyLakes High School

“We decided to partner to write a book. That book – THRIVE – was published in February of 2020. Through the process of training alongside Dr. Severson and writing a book, I learned to greatly admire Jenny. Dr. Severson who is an incredible instructor with demonstrated expertise in pedagogy. She also has a way of taking traditional knowledge and expressing it in innovative ways. Dr. Severson is someone who is able to enter into difficult spaces and seasons and pivot not only for her own benefit but with the “thriving” of those she serves at the center. Dr. Severson is results-oriented and data-driven. Her work on gratitude has informed how I deliver my own instruction to adults and young people, alike. She has helped me understand deeply the impact of gratitude on the brain, to take a notion I saw as “mushy” and make it practical and research-based with demonstrable evidence. 

She is an inspiration and motivation for me as we move through this difficult time. If you are looking for an administrator, a public speaker, a writer, a thought-partner, a leader, Dr. Jenny Severson is all those things.”

Erin Jones

“Jenny was so great to work with! She encouraged the team to be positive, to think outside the box, and to keep moving forward. Her training techniques are innovative and effective, and she relates on a deep level to her team members, clients, and audiences. Her results are top notch, from students to educators to corporate employees!!”

Tami West, PhD
President at Tami West Seminars, LLC

“Dr. Saenz and Dr. Severson lead us through the EASEL instrument and power of gratitude last fall to set our campus up for team success and synergy in 2022. I believe our staff is amazingly talented and yet we needed that common language to take us further and repair the challenges of the last few years. EQ completely addresses everything we need right now in terms of mindset, shifting beliefs and lifting ourselves back up.”

Gary Kinninger
Principal at Cypress Woods High School

“Dr. Severson has been a stable, consistent, relevant speaker to our staff for many years. When she spoke and visited us last August, our staff really implemented her ideas and always find greater success.”

Terry Bell
Principal at Postma Elementary School

“We are in a multi year process with the Applied EQ Group implementing the curricula and adult EQ. It’s been a game changer for our staff and students. Real charges and growth are apparent.”

Richard Dixon
Principal at Goodson Middle School

“Dr. Saenz came to share his story and Applied EQ for our staff. It was relevant, engaging and powerful. We laughed. We cried. We connected. If you are fortunate to get them in person you’ll love every minute.”

Michelle Lee
Principal at Hairgrove Elementary School

“Dr. Jenny is a catalyst to get 1% better, everyday and get outside the comfort zone.”

Tyler Hart
Principal at Yeager Elementary School

“Jenny’s craft is to meet you where you are and create a plan that saves time, creates results and builds community in the process.”

Susan Brenez
Principal at Woodard Elementary School

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“[This journal] is a game changer for your brain”

Praise for the Educator’s 180-Day Gratitude Turnaround 

“This book was perfect for me, the ‘reluctant journaler’, who needed a framework for writing each day. This book is lovely and is designed with the simplicity, pattern and system I needed to fall in love with this process. I write in my Self-Reflection journal at the end of each day, ending my day on a note of gratefulness, positivity and optimism. I recommend this journal most heartedly. It is a game changer for you and as Jenny says, ‘Calm brain, Calm heart.'”

Beth Mitchell

“I am an educator married to a police officer living through a time of justice reform/unrest and a pandemic that has turned education on its head. Add to all of that my daughter was diagnosed with developmental hip dysplasia and dislocation and just had surgery and will live the next 3 months in a body cast. I will give you the background story so you will understand that I credit beginning my practice of gratitude with my ability to cope and remain calm, objective and open hearted. Thank you, Jenny!” 

Tori Holder 
Cypress Fairbanks ISD

“Jenny gets you into action, right now!

Jenny’s Self-Reflection Gratitude Journal capitalizes on celebrating the unique pleasures and challenges that accompany being human. She gives us a practical roadmap for focusing on what we do have, rather than dwelling on what we do not have. Through heart-filled experiences, Jenny provides a window into her own personal journey that led her to a life of intentionally practicing gratitude. A beautiful and inspiring book that will inspire you to live a gratitude-filled life!”

Patti Brucki, Librarian, Cross Country Coach
Thornton Township School District 205

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“Prepare yourself for a transformation!”

Praise for Thrive

Wow! This book is inspiring! I started with Dr. Jenny Severson’s section. Chapter 5 is about self-care and gratitude. Dr. Severson walks us through why we should focus on these two areas and provides exercises for us to practice gratitude. What a moving section! I went to bed thinking about this and woke up with it on my mind right away. Dr. Severson shares her personal action plan as an example for us to create ours, too. This book is motivating and uplifting. If you apply these teachings to your life, prepare yourself for a transformation!

Jenny shares her story from her personal and professional life in a way that makes you feel like you’re sitting next to her listening to her talk rather than reading it on a page. These Thrive ladies all share their triumphs as well as their struggles which allows you to really connect with what they have to say. Each chapter ends with a challenge for the reader and a journal prompt to get you thinking and reflecting on what you’ve just read.

Thank you Speaker Sisters for being so transparent so we can learn from you, laugh with you, and cry with you while reading your stories. Very touching – I couldn’t put the book down. Not only did you provide heart-touching stories and life lessons, but also steps to take if we have experienced (or are experiencing) any of them ourselves.

I especially enjoyed the mix of inspiration, faith, and practical experience-based and proven strategies she and the other authors shared as part of telling their stories of challenge and triumph.

My brain is reeling with my personal next steps. Sometimes you don’t know what you know until you are prompted to reflect and challenge yourself to be better.

Essays about gratitude, anxiety, trauma, emotions, mental health and personality patterns are all a part of this book, too. The ideas don’t stop coming until the last page is turned.


As a teacher in a specialist position, I often felt lower on the ladder of respect. Positive suggestions for coping and acting against these negative feelings abound.

As an instructional coach for my building I have a unique ability to impact the culture of my campus. As a working mom I feel all the struggles and exhaustion this “treadmill” life can bring.

See more reviews for Thrive & purchase your own copy here.