“It’s hard to find people who truly understand the challenges I’m facing.” 


Leaders in educational and corporate spaces around the world

I see you. I hear you.

Whether you’re a leader in education or in the corporate world, you’ve risen to the top of your field.

You’re finally in a position where you can make an impact, but there’s just one hitch–between the endless string of duties and the unexpected problems that come in from left field–you don’t have space to figure out how… 

I’m Dr. Jenny Severson, and I help educational and corporate leaders avoid burnout and achieve well-being so that they can leverage their impact in record time. All through applied Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL). 

Because here’s the thing–your overall well-being can’t just be an afterthought anymore.

Covid turned up the volume on the uncertainty in our lives, making the need for applying EQ–the soft skills that help us regulate ourselves and our relationships–necessary now more than ever. 

Throughout my career, I’ve supported hundreds of organizations worldwide in applying EQ and SEL so that they’re able to leverage their team to achieve peak performance and make a bigger impact in less time. 

Are you ready to set your team up for success in record time? 

I attended Jenny’s workshop back in 2008 and it changed me as an educator. I brought her to a new high school when I was the principal and it truly changed our instruction so that our students could flourish.

To this day, teachers still comment on how it changed them as teachers to become learning experts instead of content experts. Jenny was key to our school’s success. 

Keith Bland, Ed.D

Principal at Dothan High School

Ready for me to show you how to leverage EQ so that your team can achieve high impact without the burnout?

Dr. Jenny Severson

I was once in your shoes. Then I had a wakeup call…


About Dr. Jenny Severson - Transformation in ActionWhen I became a school principal at 26, no one was there to teach me how to do my job. Or show me how to take care of myself while doing it.

So I didn’t. (Take care of myself, that is.)

Every day for five years, I threw myself into work. Between managing all sorts of problems, lunch duty, and meetings with the school board, my days were more packed than a can of sardines. 

Even when I transitioned to a consultancy role where I helped schools and companies implement SEL to achieve peak performance in their environments, I was still doing too much. I overextended myself by pleasing people, performing, pretending, looking for approval from others, gaining titles and status, and running through airports nonstop. All while raising my three children. 

In 2017, the burnout that had built up over years of overwhelm culminated in the form of breast cancer. (What followed were some of the bleakest months of my life.)

Nothing wakes us up like a crisis.

Surviving cancer the next year gave me a chance to rebuild my life so that the circumstances that led to it wouldn’t happen again. 

Because here’s what cancer taught me:

It made me push the “stop” button on the busy-ness. 

It made me realize that setting boundaries is essential to my self-care.

And it awakened me to the powerful force that is gratitude. 

So here’s what I did:

I started a daily gratitude practice. I’d known that gratitude has a powerful effect on the brain from my background in neuroscience, but my practice helped me experience it in real life. 

I returned to my career, but this time with margin carved out for self-care in the form of my morning routine (which involves intentional exercise, meditation and prayer, and prepping my nutrition for the day). 

And I incorporated teachings on gratitude into my work with SEL and EQ in the workforce. 

Now I help leaders in schools and the corporate world implement practices rooted in gratitude as well as SEL and EQ so that they can excel professionally and take care of themselves.

Meaning: I’m here to fiercely champion you as you make the difference that you went into your career for, without the burnout.

Would you like to learn more about how to slay the dragon of over-functioning?

Here are some organizations I’ve served:

Lieder Elementary

Bane Elementary

Woodard Elementary

Did you know that a gratitude practice can increase your productivity, performance, and happiness?

That’s because gratitude is one of the most powerful antidotes to burnout. 

Get my guide “Going Deeper with Gratitude” for ten easy ways to weave moments of gratitude into your day-to-day.

As someone who experienced burnout full-on, this was something I wish someone had given me earlier so I’m now gifting it to you.