What if you could get the equivalent of three years of growth in just one year?

With Emotional Intelligence and Mindset application you can! Yes, you can!

Dr. Jenny Severson has left a delightfully high impact in surprisingly little time at:

Lieder Elementary

Bane Elementary

Woodard Elementary

About Dr Jenny Severson - Tranformation in Action

Dr. Jenny Severson

Whether you’re a leader at a school district or in the corporate world, you know that your team can make you or break you. 

When you’re all aligned and looking in the same direction, it feels:

Life-giving instead of life-sucking

Like you’re playing off each other’s strengths instead shoehorning yourself into tasks that just don’t match your skill set

And–because of these factors–like you’re making progress at lightning speed. 

I’m Dr. Jenny Severson and I help leadership teams uncover each member’s unique strengths so that the overall team can work more cohesively together, enjoy a supportive work community, and achieve a higher impact in a shorter amount of time. 

All so that you can both excel professionally and take care of your own wellbeing. 

Are you and your team ready to achieve more in less time?

Your coaching, powered by Emotional Intelligence, includes:

Clarity and pride in your unique skill set

The clearer you are about your strengths, the better you understand where you work best on your team

Together, we’ll take a simple assessment to give you insight on your strengths. Through facilitated discussions, I’ll help you and your team own each member’s strengths and clarify how you can play to each other’s strengths to achieve your goals. Research has shown that when groups tag-team like this, they can make three years of progress in one (Hattie, 2007).

Techniques to support your overall well-being

Imagine: Being your best self at work and at home

The better you can care for yourself all-around, the more you’ll be in the peak performance zone at work. I’ve developed a set of simple-to-implement techniques you can use to release stress, increase optimism, and wire your brain towards success. You’ll be able to take care of your whole self and see more ease personally and professionally. 

Accountability for implementation

The more you implement, the more results you’ll see

Here’s the truth: most people don’t have a knowledge deficiency, they have an implementation deficiency. For example, we all know that we should move our bums every day but most of us don’t act on this knowledge. Meaning, we don’t see any results in our overall health.

Through our routine check-ins and lots of support from me, I’ll make sure you’re implementing the strategies we discuss. You’ll make progress towards your goals on the daily so that you can achieve more results. 

The future of leadership is Emotional Intelligence

I attended a workshop with Jenny  back in 2008 and it changed me as an educator. I brought her to a new high school when I was the principal and it truly changed our instruction so that our students could flourish in a setting that focuses on the foundation, atmosphere, instructional design, delivery and student engagement. To this day, teachers still comment on how it changed them as teachers to become learning experts instead of content experts. Jenny was key to our school’s success. 

Keith Bland, Ed.D

Principal at Dothan High School

Jenny came to my former district for training and our district was better after our time together. Her training carried me into my current position and I know that she will impress my staff and board members with her wealth of experience.

What makes her even more amazing is her ability to connect with her clients and build strong relationships through direct contact and accessibility. I recommend Jenny with absolutely no reservations.

Ahmed White

Executive Director / Administrator @ Project Reflect / Smithson Craighead Academy

Jenny has a wealth of knowledge to support teachers and their instruction in the classroom. She recently worked with our high school staff on building relationships with students and helping the staff see beyond their curriculum that students want to be engaged with their learning and best practice strategies to implement immediately. Key to her success was her ability to build trust and relationships with our staff.

Mark Femrite

Asst. Supt. of Teaching and Learning at Westonka Public Schools

Emotional Intelligence: The easiest way to leave a legacy

Here are some results from my work with schools and corporations:

  • 84% of students who hadn’t passed a standardized assessment passed it when I partnered with the leadership team in 2004.
    We achieved the higher pass rate by demonstrating collective teacher efficacy, achieving a 1.49 effect size. 
    Since then, I’ve repeated my process in dozens of school districts across multiple states to achieve the same result.
  • Discipline referral rates went down every single year over a five year period at O’Plaine Intermediate School (Gurnee, Illinois) when the leadership team and I implemented concepts based on SEL.
  • The attendance rate at Sandburg School (Madison, Wisconsin) increased when I helped the leadership team maximize each individual’s strengths so that the team could perform at a peak level. Through similar work at Target and Lifetouch, I helped these corporations better retain top talent.

Yes, I’m flexible on meeting dates and times.

And other answers:

What are the rates for your packages?

I have a variety of packages at different rates to suit different needs. You can book a call with me to discuss the best one for you.

The results you've achieved are amazing. How long would it take me to achieve similar results?

The thing about SEL and EQ is that you can learn a few techniques that make a big difference in just one workshop. However, to achieve lasting results, many teams need 2-3 years to fully implement and integrate everything I teach. 

If you’d like to try me out for a single workshop first, please read about my speaking services and book a call with me. 

Can we work with you for three months or six months rather than a longer period?

Yes, I’m happy to do that because it’s enough time for us to implement a few techniques for lasting results. 

Can I work one-on-one with you?

Yes, I’d be happy to do that (but please understand I have a limited amount of spots for this throughout the year). We can talk more about this on our call.

Chat with me about coaching for your team

I love supporting schools and corporations in creating lasting results, and I’d love to support you too.

In order to do that, I really need to understand your specific needs.

Let’s set up a time to see how we can support you.

Jenny’s training techniques are innovative and effective, and she relates on a deep level to her team members, clients, and audiences. Her results are top notch, from students to educators to corporate employees!!

Tami West, PhD

President at Tami West Seminars, LLC