Raising Kids During COVID on KARE11 (Jenny’s Clip)

Dr. Jenny is a guest on a KARE11 piece about Raising Kids During COVID. She shares her expertise on educational and neurological principles, including how long children can pay attention. (Note: this clip is Dr. Jenny’s segment only.)

Raising Kids During COVID on KARE11 (Full Video)

Watch the full video about Raising Kids During COVID on KARE11. You’ll hear from many experts, including Dr. Jenny, about how to deal with some of the most common challenges parents face during these unprecedented times.

Learning to THRIVE In Tough Times

Jenny is on Radio 620 WTMJ talking about going through her own “personal pandemic,” the practical steps she took to take care of herself during a difficult time, and how balancing our brain chemicals can keep our perspective in line.

Keeping Kids Connected During the Pandemic

Worried that learning from home is setting your kids back or making them feel isolated from their peers?  Watch Jenny’s interview on KIMT News 3 for her take on both those questions.  (Hint: They’re probably just fine!)

Maintaining Patience and Gratitude 

During a pandemic, absolutely everyone is dealing with hardship.  Lucky for us, Dr. Jenny Severson joins Cory Hepola on WCCO to talk about keeping ourselves and our families safe, happy and healthy during the pandemic.

Hope, Gratitude, & Optimism

Jenny joins Houston Kraft on the Character Strong podcast to talk about hope, gratitude, & optimism, how we need to train like athletes when it comes to character, and how the age of our students effects how long them can pay attention.

Healing From Trauma with Dr. Tami West

Jenny joins her co-author Tami West us about emotions, specifically trauma. The two talk about “little t” trauma vs “Big T” trauma: especially pertinent as we as a society are experiencing bigger changes than most of us ever dreamed of.

The Power of Self-Care with Dr. Tami West

Jenny joins her co-author, Dr. Tami West, on the Consider Yourself Hugged podcast. There Jenny shares how she learned to take care of herself, serve others, have faith and understand her body and her emotions at a deeper level.

An Educator’s Legacy with Mary Smith

Jenny joins co-author Mary Smith to discuss the experiences she had in education and the powerful impact of her role models. She also discusses how her personal challenges and the tools she teaches support her life, family, community, work and legacy.