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Jenny is dynamic and comfortable working with audiences of all sizes. She meets people where they are and then, through creative interaction, supports people to become empowered and confident in their new skills. THRIVE is the core principle at the heart of every event. Jenny will create an experience for your leaders and teams that transforms lives and delivers practical tools that can last a lifetime. 

Thirive for You - Book Dr Jenny Severson - Tranformation in Action

Thrive FOR YOU

Do you want to create a special gathering for you and your besties?  Gather your friends to connect and get empowered.  Let Jenny guide your event with connection, belonging and gratitude. Enjoy her signature gratitude and optimism experience.  Leave refreshed and joyful.

Thrive for Churches - Book Dr Jenny Severson - Tranformation in Action


This powerful presentation serves the need for Church staff development. Jenny speaks to your entire staff on the power of storytelling, vulnerability and how to make impact smarter with the groups you lead. She has a variety of topics that are relevant to Church leadership and growth.

Thrive Book Discounts -  - Book Dr Jenny Severson - Tranformation in Action


When you book your THRIVE event, now you can make sure that every participant has a copy of the book to take home!  If you would like to purchase the THRIVE book in quantities of 25 or more for your school, church or group, just let us know!  We’re happy to provide volume discounts to support your journey!

The Resilient Educator - Transformation in Action


All of us fall into a rut or way of looking at our work, a student or personal situations. In this dynamic talk you will experience first-hand how to bounce back from a tough year, difficult situation or challenging day. If you knew how powerful your thoughts and words were, how would you show up to your day, your next presentation, work session, or family time?

Why Effect Size Matters - Transformation in Action


Effect size is a number. It’s tell us statistically how much change happens in a school year on a particular strategy that has been studied in meta-analysis form. Why does this matter? Evidence-based decisions are essential to student achievement. Wouldn’t you rather know the effect size and be an informed decision maker? Learn how to do what matters most!

Collective Teacher Efficacy - Transformation in Action

Collective Teacher Efficacy

Collective Teacher Efficacy (CTE) means that all teachers are looking in the same direction and believe that the outcomes in front of them are possible.  Learn how to gain momentum on your teams with CTE.  Jenny is particularly gifted working with strong team dynamics as well as struggling teams.  By involving her, you will see major gains in your team’s effectiveness.