Jenny and her co-authors are a band of five women from different walks of life who believe that you can become a woman of action, overcome any obstacle, and scale any height. THRIVE is not only for women educators, it is also for any woman who can answer in the affirmative one or more of the following questions:

  • Do you wonder why you can’t balance work and your personal life?
  • Do you wish you could experience more gratitude and peace in your life?
  • Have you or are you now battling anxiety, trauma, addiction, or major health issues?
  • Do you agonize over parenting concerns?
  • Do you ever struggle with feeling like you’re a fraud?

No other book out there will impact your life as this one will! Each chapter is filled with our personal stories of falling down and getting back up—of overcoming and soaring. We have made every effort throughout the book to be transparent about our own struggles. You will laugh, cry, shake your head in disbelief, be challenged and inspired, and, at times, drop your jaw in awe! A marvelous professional and personal life awaits you. Are you ready to THRIVE by transforming your life challenges into a launching pad for joy? Dig in . . . Your life is about to change!

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