About Dr. Jenny Severson

About Dr Jenny Severson - Tranformation in Action

Dr. Jenny Severson

Transformation in Action


Dr. Jenny Severson is an educational consultant who embraces a love of learning and teaching. She’s been a classroom teacher, school principal, and worked with hundreds of schools in staff development.

Jetting across the globe with Quantum Learning, she’s reached almost every state and more than a dozen countries. Her recent book, Thrive, co-authored with her speaker sisters, takes you on the hero’s journey as an educator.

Jenny played college basketball at Lake Forest (Illinois) College and was part of two state championship runs at Madison East High School in Madison, Wisconsin. She’s a mom of three children; married to the love of her life, Todd Johnson; and a breast cancer survivor.


For every human being to experience powerful communities and partnerships of Gratitude, Optimism and Hope

Collective Core Values

Be Curious


Be Curious - Tranformation in Action

Curious posture in life releases and gives us tremendous flexibility in our thinking. Learning is the constant. Those who stay green and growing, as opposed to ripe and rotting, are always putting themselves into situations that cause the acceleration of growth and learning.  

yes! Engage


Yes! Engage - About Dr Jenny Severson - Tranformation in Action

We are wired for connection.  Every experience with Jenny will be engaging — and at the core, engagement means no one wins alone. We are a collective of our families, neighborhoods, workplace — and all those experiences make us who we are.  Engaging with that moves us forward, faster.

You Matter


You Matter - Tranformation in Action

Taking action means starting where you are. Keep getting “on the court” with yourself and your team. Each person plays a role in a thriving workplace. Tap into your kindness, generosity, gentleness and living in the present moment.

Add Value


Add Value - About Dr Jenny Severson - Tranformation in Action

Make a contribution to yourself and others. Do the work it takes to know yourself and how you fit into the scheme of things. Be humble. Everyone is fighting a tough battle. Be kind and act in a way that serves others. Leadership is about people who add value to others, daily.